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Solar Flare Emergencies


solar flare


I was never concerned about solar flares until I did some research.  Then I realized there was the potential for problems that could last a long time and require emergency supplies.


Our sun is constantly emitting solar flares.  Most of them are small enough that they do not disturb our earth.  However, when the sun emits a very large solar flare, historically there have been problems.


There was a medium sized solar flare in the mid-1980's.  It did some damage to short wave radios and electrical grids.  In 1859 there was a large solar flare, and it damaged the just emerging technology of telegraph lines and caused havoc with electrical systems.


In 2005 there was another large flare.  It traveled at 1/3 the speed of light.  Our astronauts were informed when this flare was coming, and they had 15 minutes to reach shelter to avoid damage from radiation.


Now that we are so dependent on modern technology and computers, if there is a large solar flame, it could do a lot of damage.  Our transformers would probably burn out.  It could shut down our communication systems, computers, and even our vehicles, which are now run by computers.  Potentially it could cause the electric grid of the entire world to collapse and could take years to repair.


No one knows what to expect.  However, if it happens, our access to food and other supplies could be limited.


It is a potential emergency situation, and another reason and motivation to store emergency supplies.



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