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Scalloped Potatoes and Ham


This is a very simple dish to make.  If you don't have a scalloped potatoes box, you can use dehydrated potatoes and powdered cheese.  However, having these ingredients in your pantry makes it very easy.


1 package scalloped potatoes or potatoes au gratin
1 small can ham

These are your basic ingredients.  Using a skillet on your heating surface, make the scalloped potatoes per the directions on the back of the package.  Use powdered milk for the milk in the recipe.  You can leave out the butter if you don't have any, or use butter powder or margarine powder.


After the potatoes are done, flake a can of ham into  the skillet.  Mix until hot.



After all the ingredients above are together in the pan, add any of the following to your taste:

  • butter or margarine powder


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