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72-Hour Emergency Kit

by Nikki Willhite


Emergency preparedness is now going main stream, as you can see from this kit which we purchased from Costco.  Food is one of the essentials of a Bug Out Bag.  You can make your own food kits, but if you want a quick and easy source of food, you can now find it retail.


This kit is for 2 people, and will feed them for 72-hours. This kit was purchased online from Costco.  I've also seen them in grocery stores.


This kit has food, cooking and eating supplies, and a water filter.


The food is all dehydrated and ready to eat with the addition of water.  You add boiling water to the pouches of food,  and in a couple minutes it is ready.  There is a total of 106 servings in this kit,  including the "bonus servings."   A fold up stove and source of fire comes with the kit.  Also included is a water filter.


The food in this kit will last from 10-20 years, depending on how it is stored.  In addition to using this product for emergencies, it is also good for camping.



72 hour emergency food supply


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