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Cooking and Heating Your Home
with Propane


Propane stoves are very easy to cook with.  They ignite easily, and are great for fast meals.  We have one that we use on our kitchen counter.  We usually open the window a little, but it is safe.


You can also purchase a propane oven for baking.  That is a good mini prepper solution if you do not have a wood stove.


propane stove with 2 burners

propane oven for baking


Propane Stove

Propane Oven


Everyone knows you can cook with propane, but not everyone knows they make propane heaters that you can use inside your home.  They are usually referred to as Buddy Heaters.


Before we had our wood stove installed, we purchased a Buddy Heater.  They work well in small spaces, but they do use a lot of propane.  You can use small propane canisters with them, or larger propane tanks.


The heaters come in different sizes.  The picture of the left is the large size.  On this size stove you can attach small canisters on the right and left side, or you can purchase a special hose to attach a large propane tank.


Propane has a very long storage life, but it is not recommended to store it in your garage.  Fumes can escape the propane cans, and they can be ignited when you start your car. It is best to store it in an outbuilding.


Some people install large propane tanks outside their homes for their propane storage.







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