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Neutron Bombs (ERW)


Neutron Bomb explosion


A neutron bomb is a weapon which emits radiation.  The blast of radiation is so strong that it can go through armor.  


Most people refer to neutron bombs as ERW’s  or Enhanced Radiation Weapons.


When a neutron bomb is detonated, there is damage from both the blast and the pulse of thermal radiation.  If you are within one-half mile of the blast, you will received enough radiation that you will only last a couple of days. 


If you are closer to a mile away from the blast, you have about a 50/50 chance of living after a few weeks.

So how do you protect yourself from an ERW?  You are probably not going to survive if you are in the blast area unless you are in a protected underground room.  Since that is not likely, you just have to hope you are not in the wrong place at the right time.


You can, however, protect yourself from the radiation.  Eventually the radiation will subside.  Do not go outside for one week.  You are going to have to stay inside your home for several months.  If you must go outside, you need to do it quickly.


Radiation poison is deadly, which is why many people store anti-radiation pills.  Be aware, however, that these pills only protect the thyroid gland.  These pills do not protect the body from radiation from breathing or eating contaminated food.


Some people have a room in their house ready for ERW emergencies.  They have duct tape ready to seal windows, doors and vents in the room so it will be as air-tight as possible.


Your best chance of survival is to just stay inside and wait it out.  After a period of time you can check to see if the water and soil in your area have been contaminated.


As a mini prepper, you should have the supplies you need, as well as the communication equipment which will keep your informed as to the emergency conditions in your area. 







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