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Loss of Employment


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Losing your job is just as much as a disaster, if not more, than an earthquake or flood. When there is not enough money, we have problems.   It not only affects your finances, but can affect the financial security and emotional well-being of your whole family.


You should never assume that things are going to stay the same.  In times of plenty you should prepare for times of uncertainty. Job loss is a family crisis that is much easier to handle if you make adequate preparations.  You can find another job, but it will take time.  You need money to bridge the gap.  Most financial advisors suggest having at least an 8 month supply of emergency money.   Obviously if you lose your job you will stop spending money for everything but non-essential items, so it doesn't have to be the amount of money you currently spend each month.


Mini Preppers have the advantage of having many of the items that they need already stored in their homes.  This preparation can supplement other emergency sources of incomes, such as unemployment insurance.


Most people can cut their expenses and save more money if they are a little more frugal.  See Frugal Happy Families and other similar sites for money saving ideas. Save a little money each month, and start building your emergency fund.  

If you have stored the food that you normally eat, life will seem a lot more pleasant while you are looking for new employment.   Having the food and other basic commodities you need for your family will remove one layer of concern during what is for most people a very stressful time. I know many a family who have experienced a job loss, and were helped through that difficult time by using their food storage.  Water, food, and personal items, when purchased carefully and rotated, will never be wasted.


I know many a family that survived a job loss by eating their food storage, and using other stored supplies like personal hygiene items.  When you store items you use on a regular basis, there is never any waste. 


We strengthen our homes when we store up in times of plenty.  I am always surprised when a person thinks this is "hoarding."  It is not hoarding to store things in times of plenty.  It just makes it easier for other people to find supplies in the store when there are problems.  If every family would store supplies, we all would be better off.  That has always been my barometer of "right and wrong"...what would happen if everyone did this?  If everyone stored food, like our ancestors did years ago, it would strengthen all of our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.


Insurance Coverage

You may be able to calculate unemployment compensation into your formula for deciding how much money you need to have in an emergency savings account.







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