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Hurricane Preparation


damaged property after Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane and Water Damage after Hurricane Katrina


Most people who live in the path of hurricanes know what they need to do to prepare for them. They have hurricane shutters or plywood ready to board up their windows.  They have an evacuation plan.


Hurricanes do a lot of damage, as you can see from the above picture, which shows what water can do as the result of a storm surge.  Hurricanes spawn tornados, which makes them very dangerous. 


Thankfully the weather bureau warns us when they are coming.  However, it can take 4 days to evacuate a major metropolitan area, so get out fast so that you don't get stuck in traffic.


When leaving your home, a Mini Prepper is again ahead of the game with their bug out bag.  With a bug out bag you are ready to get out fast, and you know you are not forgetting anything essential. 


If you do stay in your home, you want to move to the inside of your home where there are no windows and you won't be hurt by flying glass.  A lot of people get into their bathtubs, and cover themselves with a mattress. Before Hurricane Andrew hit, one of the local weatherman in Florida advised people to do this, and it saved a lot of lives.


Remember to stay in your shelter until both sides of the hurricane have passed.  Things will be calm for awhile, when the eye of the hurricane passes over, and then it may be worse.


Insurance Coverage

Wind damage is covered by your regular homeowner insurance.  Flooding is not covered by your homeowner insurance.  Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, which results in claim disputes.  Also, be aware that some insurance policies exclude hurricane damage.  Winds have to reach 75 mph to be declared a hurricane.








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