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Emergency Preparation and Health Issues

It can be devastating if you lose your health or are injured. It is very difficult if you have children. Some families are lucky. They are surrounded by family. There is someone to step in and help them. Other families are more isolated. Not everyone has someone they can turn to for help during difficult times due to illness. Sometimes there are people you can turn to, but you just don't want to ask.

Quite a few years ago I was very ill for around three months. My husband was gone for a year doing homeowner claims after Hurricane Andrew. I couldn't make it to the store. My children were old enough to cook, and there was plenty of food in our pantry. Working together we got through that difficult time.

There were others I could have turned to for help, but my family has always been stubbornly self-sufficient . People are so busy these days with their jobs and families, it is hard to ask for anything.

When I could not get to the grocery store, or any other store, I didn't have to worry about supplies either. I had all the products I needed for our personal needs and to run the household. It made things so much easier.

This is not an emergency that everyone will face, but it is still another reason why having adequate food and other supplies in your home is good emergency preparation.

Loss of health can also mean loss of income. If you store what you eat, and eat what you store, having food and the other necessities of life already purchased can make things easier.

No one knows what the future is going to bring. The one sure thing in life is that things never stay the same. Things happen. Strengthen your home and your family by storing the necessities of life.

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