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Emergency Flood Preparation



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There are several reasons your home may flood, from excess rain water to problems with your city's drainage system. In most cases, when your home floods, you need to leave.  This is where a mini prepper has an advantage.  You can pick up your bug out bag and leave your home quickly.


With flooding you will probably have time to take more items with you, but when you have your bug out bag you can be confident you have needed essentials. 


1. Always store your bug out bag off the ground so that if you do flood, it will be safe.


2. If you live by a river that overflows its banks with regularity, you may want to stock sand bags.


If you live in an area that is known to flood, you will be required to take out government flood insurance when you take out your mortgage.  Private insurance does not usually cover ground water flooding.


3. If your house is flooded by a broken pipe, be sure and call your insurance company so they can call out a water mitigation company and start the cleanup. 


4. Your pipes are not covered by insurance, but the damage they cause is covered.


5. Always vacate your home if it is advised.


Note:  See the section on Broken Pipes for flooding caused by plumbing.


Insurance Coverage

Flooding is not covered by basic homeowner policies.  The government sells homeowner flood insurance for those living in flood plains.  If you have a mortgage, you are required to buy the insurance.  Contact your mortgage company for more information.








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