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Emergency Water Storage

water filter for emergency water sanitation

You need to store water for two reasons.  You need drinking water, and you need water for household use.


There are many ways to store water.  We store drinking water in 3 different ways.  We store small jars of bottled water that we use and rotate daily. 


We store water in empty plastic jugs that we rotate each year when we can put the old water to good use on the lawn. 


Finally, we have a big 55 gallon drum full of water that is chemically treated to last 5 years.  We bought a siphon with it so that the water is easily removed.


As far as household water, we have some plastic containers full of water that we have stacked up in the garage.  Unless it is summer, you can count on rain in the Seattle area, so we also have plans on catching water on tarps that comes off the roof and down the gutters.


A water filter is a must to be sure your water is safe.  You can purchase them at many different price points.


You can also store water purification tablets.


drinking water storage for the short term.


Water is vital to our existence.  Water bottles can be stored under the bed, and jugs of water can be put at the back of closets.  Water does get old, so remember that you do have to rotate it.


Do not forget this important element of your mini prepper storage preparations.







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