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Emergency Tsunami Preparation


picture of land after the tidal surge of a tsunami


After the wave surge on the Mississippi Coast from Hurricane Katrina


In the picture at the top of the page, you can see what happens to buildings after the wave surge of a tsunami.  They are devastating.


When the earth shakes, you need to realize that a tsunami is a possibility.  You may not have a lot of time.  Grab your family and your bug out bags and move to a safer location.  You will have everything in your bug out bag that you need to survive, including emergency communication equipment that will let you know what is happening and if it is safe to go home.


There is no way to avoid a tsunami other than to get to higher ground.  If you live near the ocean, and you are on low ground, you need to know how to get to high ground and get there fast.  You should be at least 100 feet up.


Another option is to move inland as far as possible.  You will have to go at least 2 miles, and you may only have 15 minutes to do it.


If you can't get to higher ground, a tall, concrete building is your final option.  Get up high,  and stay away from the windows.


Note:  Keep in mind what traffic and road conditions will be like if everyone is taking the same route.  Also,  you will notice signs near the ocean that indicate evacuation routes.  You will also find places that are designated to be safe.  In many case, if not most, these places are not high enough.


Finally, if you live in an area where you could be flooded, it is not covered by your homeowner insurance policy.  Check with your insurance agent.







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