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Emergency Tornado Preparation




Everyone in the United States knows where the "tornado belt" is located.  Images of the damage done by these powerful twisters are seen on our televisions during tornado season.


The United States has more tornadoes than any country in the world.  They have occurred in every state.  There are about 1200 tornadoes per year, although only about 20 of them are extreme.  An F5 tornado's winds can reach 200 miles per hour, and pretty much devastate everything in its path.


While most tornadoes build in the Spring, they can occur any time of year when the conditions are right, and have occurred in every state in the US.


Those at most risk for tornadoes should have a safe place to go when issued a tornado warning.  Some people build "safe rooms" that are built to withstand these extreme weather conditions.  Other people have underground shelters or cellars.


If you have none of the above, the safest place in your home is an interior room without windows.  A lot of people go into a bathroom, get in the bathtub, and put a mattress over them.


A mini prepper is once again ahead of the game if their home is destroyed and they can find their bug out bag.  Should their home only be slightly damaged, they may be able to stay in it to protect it from looting using their food storage and other supplies so they don't have to go to the store.


Tornados are frightening and can do massive damage to property.  They can take lives.  Don't worry about your home.  The wind damage from tornadoes is covered by insurance.  Just keep yourself safe.







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