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Emergency Lighting


There are several different types of emergency lighting.  Here are the basics:


battery powered lanternBattery Operated Lanterns

Battery powered lanterns provide the best light for most rooms.  They will provide light for several days. However most of them take a lot of batteries, so you cannot depend on them for long term use unless you have a lot of battery storage.


Most of the type 4-8 D size batteries.  They are a safe and effective way of lighting a room on a temporary basis.


Propane Lanterns

Propane lanterns work well, but they use a lot of propane so you can't count on them for long term storage unless you have a lot of propane.


Liquid Gas Lanterns

You can also purchase liquid gas containers.  However, they are used mostly for camping and not as safe indoors.  They are not as easy to start as propane, and need more maintenance, as they are refilled and not disposable.


windup battery flashlightsFlashlights

You will need flashlights to walk around your home when it gets dark.  You can buy and store batteries, but you will need to rotate them so they don't get old.  Batteries can leak, so do not store them in your flashlight.

You can also buy flashlights that you can shake or wind and get light that lasts for a few minutes.


Head Lamps

If you want to be able to work in the dark with your hands free, a head lamp comes in handy. Head lamps last up to 30 hours and are powered by LED lights. 



Everyone has candles.  They are probably the best long term solution for light.  You can purchase candles made for emergencies that will burn for up to 100 hours. Just be sure you have a holder for them so they won't fall over and start a fire.  Candles are almost always the cause of home fires during power outages, so be very, very careful.


You also need to store matches. Keep them stored in a container where they won't get wet.


In addition, you can also buy light sticks, that will give your 12 hours of light.


Solar Lights

If you live in an area that received a lot of sunlight, you can place solar lights in your yard during the day, and then bring them inside during the evening.


During the winter, you will also have light from your fireplace or wood burning stove.







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