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Cell Phone

Staying connected to other people helps your moral during an emergency. You also will want to find out what is going on and check to see if services are available. Your cell phone is going to be essential for communication. Have alternative ways to charge it when the power goes out and it runs down. Options are portable chargers, automobile chargers, and solar powered chargers.

Cell phones with satellite downlinks are used by emergency responders. Plans are offered to individuals, but they are very expensive. Ham radios are another resource.

Emergency Radios

Windup Battery Radio

You have several options for emergency radios. Be sure and have a radio that is more than just a plain AM/FM radio. Emergency radios are designed to pick up special emergency broadcasts

Your options for emergency radios include radios that use batteries, and solar and hand cranked radios.


Broadcasts to to let you know what is happening.

Information as to where you can go for help, find food and other supplies, and location of emergency shelters.

Information as to when help is coming.

It is mentally important to stayconnected to other people, and to be able to share resources. However, as a word of caution, do not continually listen to disaster news. It is not good for your mental health. Take frequent breaks to lighten your mood.

Insurance Claims

emergency claims service RV

My husband went to New Orleans to handle emergency Katrina claims. There were no hotel rooms within 150 miles of his location so his company purchased a mobile home for him to use. He loaded up his supplies and drove into the disaster area.

His location was broadcast on the radio so people could come and file their insurance claims. People were also able to receive emergency advance payments. Many had lost everything, and these payments were all the money they had.

Emergency Shelters

emergency tent shelter at LDS church

The first store to open was Walmart. They are almost always the first store to both offer assistance and to open after an emergency. Help from the Red Cross may also be available as well as relief from various churches. Helping Hands is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They provide both service and goods in time of need.

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