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Emergency Beans


Beans are one of the best long term emergency foods.   Dehydrated beans store for years without any loss of nutrition or flavor, and they are extremely nutritious and they are economical.


You can use canned beans and make cooking beans a lot easier.  However, using a variety of dehydrated beans cooked fresh will taste better.


Here is how to cook your beans.  First soak the beans overnight to make them softer and so that they will cook faster.  The beans will expand, so use water equal to about three times the amount of beans.


The next day, drain the beans.  The water will be full of bean starch, so do not save it for food. It is too hard on the digestive system.


Next simmer your beans in a pan on your cooking surface until they are soft.


Then add your flavorings, beginning with the tomato sauce product.  I prefer canned diced tomatoes, but any tomato flavoring will work. 


Add your dehydrated vegetables, canned or fresh vegetables.  I like to use dehydrated corn, onions, green peppers, zucchini, corn and even a few blueberries. 


Finally add your spices, such as garlic slices, Italian herbs, chili powder, cumin, etc.


Every time I make beans, I use different ingredients, depending on what I have on hand.   You can be very creative with beans.  You can add almost any vegetable, or any meat.  I like mine vegetarian, but my husband always puts some canned meat in his bowl and mixes it with the beans.


Beans are a wonderful mini prepper food.  Most people don't eat enough beans.  Make them part of your diet, and they will serve you well during good and bad times.



Dry or canned beans
1 can diced tomatoes
dehydrated, fresh, or canned vegetables
salt and pepper to taste






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