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Emergencies and Volcanoes


errupted volcano


In 1980, Mt. Saint Helens exploded.  It was a learning lesson for all us us.  My husband did homeowner insurance claims in the cities in eastern Washington that were affected by the ash that that blew their direction and turned many of those cities dark in the middle of the day. So much ash fell that it was heaped up on the sides of the road.


If you get ash in the air, you stay indoors until it settles to the ground. Get your car inside, if possible, and do not drive it with ash in the air.  If you have to go out, you need to wear a mask to protect your lungs.  In a few days, the ash will settle, and then it will be safe to go outside.


Mini Preppers should have all the supplies they need to just stay home for a few days.


The other concern with a volcano is the pyroclastic flow.  It takes out roads and causes a lot of damage as it heads for the low ground.  Obviously if your home is on low ground, you need to grab your bug out bag and evacuate.

Insurance Coverage

Homeowner insurance policies on what may or may not be covered by a volcano.  Check your policy or ask your insurance agent.








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