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Emergencies and Truck Strikes




Imagine this scenario.  It's Monday, and you hear rumors of a possible truck strike.  Your shopping day is not until Friday.  You don't want to go to the grocery store, and you are sure everything will work out.  However, it doesn't.  The truckers go on strike on Wednesday.


The store shelves start to empty, and they are not replenished.  By the time you get to the store,  there are big gaps on the shelves and the lines are long.  The strike goes on, and soon the shelves are almost empty, along with your cupboards. 


Now what do you do?


Or how about this scenario.  The truckers cannot deliver the food because the price of gasoline goes up so high they can't afford to fill up their tanks.


A Mini Prepper is not going to be in a lot better position if something happens to our fragile food supply.  If you are not prepared, however, you are going to have to ask family, friends, and neighbors for help. I would hope that everyone would reach out and help those in need.  It doesn't feel good, however, to have to ask for help or feel like a charity case.


You feel stronger and more powerful when you are self-reliant.  All it takes is a little planning, and storing extra food and other basic necessities of living.


Be prepared for every possible disruption that will possibly harm your family.  What do you think is more important for your family- a closet full of shoes or a closet full of food?  Make wise choices, and be prepared.







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