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Emergencies and Looters


house after Hurricane Andrew with message for looters on outside.


This is how some people warded off looters after Hurricane Andrew. 


It is a sad commentary on our society that there are people who take advantage of emergency situations to loot and steal.  Things were bad after Hurricane Andrew.  See The Untold Story of Hurricane Andrew.


Personally, I don't like guns. I don't understand why peoople collect them.  However, having one gun for protection is probably a good idea.


I stated on the opening page that Mini Preppers are happy and ready to share with their neighbors, family and friends, and that they don't want to accumulate weapons and hurt anyone.


However, if someone enters your home, with the intention to do you or your family members harm, you need to be prepared.  I would probably take a bullet myself rather than shoot anyone if I were alone.  However, if one of my 9 grandchildren were with me, it would be a different story.


My husband personally witnessed the civil unrest after Hurricane Andrew.  He heard the gunfire, and he watched bad people walk into the homes of those who had no defense....and leave with their personal possessions.  When he got home, he bought a gun.


Whether or not to own a gun is a very personal decision.  I only put up this page to make you aware of what can possibly happen during and emergency situation.   Do what you think best for you and your family.







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