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Earthquake Preparation


Northridge Earthquake


1994 Northridge Earthquake
CAL State Northridge College Parking Garage


Everyone finds earthquakes unsettling.  It is not only the damage that they do.  You expect the ground to be something you can count on to be steady as a rock, and as reliable as the rising sun.  It causes everyone a lot of anxiety when it moves.


Young children are especially upset by earthquakes.  They may not want to go back into your house after one, especially if you are having aftershocks.  If the weather is good, they will want to sleep outside.  A tent to camp out in the backyard is a good emergency supply for a earthquake mini prepper.


There are some other specific needs for earthquakes.  Here are a few of them:


  • Strap tall furniture to your walls so it doesn't fall on you.

  • Turn off the gas to your home after a big earthquake until you know the gas lines are safe.

  • Put a foldable bicycle in your trunk so you can get home if the roads become impassable.


All of your emergency equipment should see you through possible food and water shortages, warmth, lighting, communication and hygiene needs.


If you home is damaged,  you can grab your bug out kit and leave.


Insurance Coverage


Earthquakes are not a covered peril under a regular homeowner insurance policy.  If you want earthquake coverage, you must buy a special policy or endorsement.  Earthquake insurance is expensive when you consider that it only covers one peril.  The typical insurance deductible is 10 percent.  So if you buy earthquake coverage with a 10 percent deductible, and your house is worth $300,000, you would have to sustain over $30,000 of damage before you could collect any money.







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