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Recipes Using Dehydrated Food


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Dehydrated food is good for long term storage.  There is a difference between dehydrated food and freeze dried foods.


Dehydrated food has the water taken out of the food, without actually cooking it.  This can be done by the sun, air, or a kiln.  Many people dry food at home with a food dehydrated.  When the food is dried, is is packed in an air-tight container.  Retail foods are also packed with oxygen absorbers to keep them fresh longer.


Freeze dried foods are dried fresh or cooked.  They are flash frozen and then put in a vacuum chamber that is very cold.  A small amount of heat is applied, and the ice evaporated, without returning to liquid.  This removed the moisture from the product. 


The shelf life of both products are similar, although it costs more to freeze dry foods.



All of the recipes on this page are reprinted with permission from the Emergency Essentials® website.   I have purchased their products for many years, and have been very happy with both their products and service.







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Recipes Using Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Foods

Recipes using long term food storage -  freeze dried and dehydrated food


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